Weight loss guide – Running

Posted: May 1, 2012 in sports
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Weight loss guide – Running

Why running is good for you
Running is an exercise and sport that we are all familiar with, and, even though there are techniques to improve your running performance, it is something everyone knows how to do.

Running is one of the best cardio activities you can do, and running 5 times a week will get you in shape in no time. Running also improves cardiovascular and respiratory health , reducing the risk of diseases of this kind, reduces total blood cholesterol, increases bone density and it helps you improve your self esteem and emotional state. Running also increases your metabolism making fat burning an easier task and it can help you make new friends you can meet at parks or tracks, by joining a running team or during competitions.

Running for beginners

Running is an activity that requires a lot of endurance and determination. Even though the results can be seen realtively fast, if you are interested in it as a sport you will have to be patient because running is takes a lot of dedication since increasing your endurance is a slow process and it is not recommended to increase your mileage more than 10% each weak. So even if you wanted to increase your mileage you shouldn’t because it could be detrimental for you body.

A beginner should start by walking for an amount of time that feels comfortable and when you can walk for 30 minutes easily start adding running intervals. As time goes on, start making the running intervals longer until you can run for 30 minutes straight!

Running injuries

Because of its high impact nature, risk of injuries like shin splints, pulled muscles or the famous “runner’s knee” is always present, and, even if you never had a running injury, you should always try to minimize the risk by warming up before running for real, stretching before and after you run and by always remember not to increase your mileage for more than 10% each week.

Runing competitions

Running is a type of endurance training method for many sports but it is also a sport in itself. As a sport it is split into events divided by distance. Each one requires a specific training regime and each one present its own difficulties and challenges. Running 100 meters will requiere more speed and running a marthon will require more endurance while running for, for example, 800 meters requires a mix of the two.

Running events are a great way to meet new people and have fun while running, and it will also give you an incentive to train harder, so that you can perform better at a given event.

The best running equipment for you

Running is a sport that requires very little investment. While having a nice outfit will make you look better and you will feel more comfortable, the only thing you HAVE to get is a good pair of running shoes for your particular arch and particular pronation.

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