Getting the six pack

The ultimate goal for most people that workout is to get the famous six pack. Nothing makes you look better than lean, cut abs, especially when picking up women. Nowadays there are more and more women that care too much about the body and, even if you don’t want this kind of superficial women for a possible girlfriend, no man can say that he doesn’t like having tons of women looking his way.

To get a sixpack requires a lot of work and if someone says he or she has a training program to get a six pack in less than 3 months( provided you start from scratch) is lying. One thing that will speed things up would be if you were already skinny since a lot of people have great abs, only that these are covered with a layer of fat so they can’t show them off.

Burning belly fat

One subject i covered in this article is that localized fat burning is a myth so there is no way for you to show your six pack unless you have a good, consistent cardio workout to burn all the fat covering your abs. This is , of course, to speed things up. There are ways to get your six pack from gym weight workouts only but it will be harder and it will take you much more time than if you went for a run five times a week and then train with weights.

In my opinion the most effective cardio workout is a good, old-fashioned running session. Running is one of the best cardio workouts you can get, and if you get into it, it can also be one of the most rewarding. There is nothing that feels like breaking your own record. You can’t know how good it feels unless you actually do it. Of course it is not mandatory to run to get a six pack and there are a lot of excellent cardio exercises that you can do, like swimming or skipping a rope.

Weight training can also help a lot. The more muscle you have, the more energy you consume. So if you get bigger muscles you will burn fat much faster.

Final comments

While getting a six pack does sound great, it requires a lot of work and without effort you will never see what is under your belly fat. Even though i said there are no magic six pack abs programs that actually work , there are a lot of training programs that are much more effective for this purpose than a regular definition workout and it will take you maybe an hour to find one that fits your expectations.

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