Weight Loss guide – Having outdoor hobbies helps

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Health and fitness, Tips
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If you don’t like working out…

A problem some people have with traditional weight or cardio workouts is that they get bored really fast so exercising regularly becomes a hassle. They may be able to run for miles without getting tired but they get bored before finishing the first one. Also, being bored during a workout makes it much more tiring as you concentrate more on your tiredness than on the exercise itself, which is what you should be doing. A solution for this problem can be to have a couple of outdoor hobbies that , even if you don’t notice it, are helping you get in shape. You won’t get in shape as fast as you would by playing a traditional sport or working out, but if you have a couple of hobbies were you need to move constanly it will help you and ,since it is something you like to do, you won’t even notice how tired you are.

Examples of outdoor hobbies that help you get in shape

Even though there are tons of good hobbies to get you in shape, this is a list of a couple that i consider more effective, more practical or more fun to do

Dancing: Dancing may be one of the best hobbies to get in shape. You get a really good cardio workout and there are a lot of different dancing styles so there probably is one that you will like. Besides, dancing is so much fun that you will never notice you are working out.
Dogwalking: This is something you may not even consider a hobbie since , if you have a dog, you have, you have to walk it wether you like it or not and it is a good exercise, just like walking on your own.
Yardwork: This can be an easy workout for your arms and will help your yard look better.
Airsoft: Airsoft is a game and sport similar to paintball but with a more strategic approach were players use guns and rifles replicas and fight between teams. You get a nice workout since is considerably fast paced and you have to move all the time and i know from experience that it is a LOT of fun.
There are a lot more nice outdoor hobbies, this are just a couple i like or consider practical.

Final comments

There are a lot of cool outdoor hobbies you may enjoy, and if you don’t like exercising you will have to search for one were you have so much fun that you don’t realize you are. A good place to start is google. You can search hobbie lists, read a little about each and decide which is for you.

You don’t have to necessarily look for one where you get in shape fast, just pick one you enjoy and start moving!

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