Weight loss guide – Gymnastics

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Health and fitness, sports
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Gymnastics is a great full body workout

If you would like to do a really intense workout that will help you develop endurance, tone your body and give you amazing strength, then gymnastics is for you. Many people barely knows what gymnastics is about. They know it takes a lot of skill to perform most of its techniques but they never stop to think that those skills require a great deal of strength before you even try to perform them. For this reason, gymnasts have to undergo an extremely tough conditioning training regime to prepare for more advanced techniques. In my gymnastics gym we dedicate about half of the class to conditioning before we even start practicing which is even tougher than the conditioning itself.

Why gymnastics is so tough

In Gymnastics, you need to have a great deal of strength in muscles you may not normally use. Some of the exercises you do are “strange” With this i mean that it is unlikely that you will ever do this exercises somewhere else, but this exercises are really clever and tough.

Once you finish the conditioning workout you start practicing techniques, but this is even tougher. There is not a best discipline in gymnastics. All of them are extremely tiring and even basic exercises will make your whole upper body feel like jelly.

Something a lot of people think of gymnastics is that you get a great workout for your upper body but neglect lower body training. This is not true, you need to have strong legs to jump high enough and just having your feet in position for gymnastics is like an isometric exercise.


In male gymnastics there are 6 disciplines: Floor, Pommel horse, still rings, Vault, Parallel bars and high bar. Each one is as tiring as the other, especially for the shoulders, triceps and abs.

When you do gymnastics you don’t actually choose a discipline and go with that, you do every discipline, so you get an amazing full body workout.

Final comments

There are people that have a wrond idea of what gymnastics really is. Don’t let their opinion cloud your judgement and try it before you decide if it is for you or not!

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