Weight loss guide – Eating healthy while traveling

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Tips
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Healthy traveling

When you travel somewhere far from your home there are a lot of things to see and do, and one of the most appealing for a lot of people is food. There are so many dishes you have never tried before that you don’t even know where to start but, on the other hand, you are thinking that if you eat all that, the effort you put into getting in shape will be in vain. Well let me tell you that you can eat a lot of delicious dishes and still stay in shape.


Your aim during the trip is not to keep losing weight, but to avoid gaining any weight. You just have to make sure that you eat healthy enough to not gain weight, which means you can eat unhealthy things a couple of times. It depends on where you are going for your trip but ,if you are going, for example, to asia, there are hundreds of delicious dishes that are healthy , or at least healthy enough for you to avoid gaining any weight. If this isn’t the case, if you don’t want to gain any weight you will have to compensate your intake of fat with exercise. You will have to make some time, maybe in the mornings, to go for a run or find out beforehand if there is a gym or pool at your Hotel (if being at a hotel applies to you) or near your hotel.

Tips for healthy traveling

If you are taking a plane, bus or train check beforehand what choices you get for dinner and, if there is no healthy option, you can always pack your own meal. Bring healthy snacks that won’t get smashed or leak in your bag such as protein bars or firm fruits such as an apple. If you get a choice of what you want to drink always choose water and , if you don’t, bring your own bottle.

Even if, for your main meals, you eat unhealthy things, make sure that any snacks you have during the day are healthy. Drink a lot of water since it helps you dissolve fat molecules and it will help you loose weight or, in this case, avoid gaining any. If your hotel offers a complimentary breakfast choose a high fiber and protein meal that will fill you up until lunch.

Final comments

I know this is a difficult task but keep your objective present and clear so that even if it is difficult with all the tempting new food you want to taste, you can eat as healthy as possible and keep yourself in shape!

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