Weight loss guide – Choosing your diet

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Nutrition
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Choosing the best diet for you

One thing many people seem to have a problem with is finding a diet that works for them. People will always look for the most effective diet for their particular purpose but often encounter problems like having trouble following it as it is really strict or complaining their diet is not effective or that they can’t see any results. The fact is that those who say that their diet is to strict may lack the willpower needed for that specific diet but they could change it for another one that is slower but less strict and easier to follow, the problem is they don’t know that many diet programs so they just give up. So in the next article i am going to give some information about how a healthy and balanced diet should be like and which of the ones i have tried were more effective or easier to follow.

How a good diet should be

Everyone knows that in every good diet it is all about balance. You have to eat a little bit of everything and too much of nothing, everything in excess is more detrimental than beneficial for your health and this rules applies to everything regarding nutritional habits. You also have to know that a vitamin complex pills or dietary suplements are no subtitute for food containing those vitamins but they may help if you are lacking one in particular or if you are having trouble incorporating everything into your diet.

General rules for most diets are reducing carbs, increasing protein and eat nothing fried or with saturated fats while maintaining a good balance of vitamins, minerals, etc. Another importan thing that most people overlook is your daily water intake. This is really important since water helps to dissolve fat molecules so you should drink from 2 to 3 and a half liters.

There are some diets that help you lose weight really fast but lack real nutritional value so those are not healthy diets and are detrimental for your health, you should always consult a nutricionist before starting any diet.

The best diet

The best diets I tryed so far are hyperprotein diets. This diets consist of a really low carb intake and a really high protein intake. I f you don’t exercise at all the amount of carbs should be as low as possible. What this does is that since you don’t have carbs in your system you burn fat constantly as a source of energy for the body. This diet is extremely effective but also extremely hard to follow, when you are lacking something your body asks you to give it that, in this case carbs, so even an old rancid cookie looks like chocolate fudge.

An easy diet

The easiest diet is just to eat healthy. Use your judgement, you know what is bad and what is good for you, just don’t eat saturated fats, don’t eat fried stuff , avoid places like KFC or Mcdonalds and exercise regularly and you will start seeing results sooner that you might think just don’t be impatient and don’t judge results with the mirror or the sclae , judge it with you pants, if they are loosening up it means it is working.

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