Weight losing guide: Localized fat burning

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Health and fitness, Tips
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Localized fat burning is a myth

I am sorry to disappoint you if you thought this was going to be a guide to localized fat burn but sadly there is no such thing as a localized fat burning program or a localized fat burner, it is all a myth or even a scam to take your money in exchange for a product that claims it will make you lose weight in specific areas of your body but that will never work. There is no exercise that will burn localized fat, instead it is distributed on your whole body. Some people may belive in localized fat burn because they get a six pack from doing a lot of reps but this actually means that they were skinny to begin with and didn’t have that much abdominal fat, but if you do no matter how many reps and how big your abs are they will never show as they will be covered by a layer of fat. Same goes for the rest of the muscles.

A real way to burn fat

It is not exactly the real but the ONLY way to burn some fat is to exercise. Weight exercises like lifting weights at the gym or doing push-ups will help , of course but they are not as effective as a good cardio workout. Cardio is by FAR the best way to burn fat, just running about 5 times a week is twice as effective as things like lifting weights that, don’t get me wrong it is a good way to burn fat, but it is nowhere near as effective as a good cardio workout.


Some great cardio exercises can be swimming, skipping rope, bouldering, playing a sport inwhich you have to run or swim, bicycling and of course running which I think is the most effective one. The best option would be to combine some of them , like swimming after going for a jog which will increase your overall endurance for any sport.

Final comments

The reason i am writing this is because there are a lot of people that still believe that localized fat burning is possible and may even spend money on fat burning programs that don’t work or localized fat burning suplements that offer no results. So to all the people that still believe in this stop wasting your time and go for a run!

If you want more information on this subject check more of my articles or email me at igna_torres92@hotmail.com


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