Weight loss guide – transform your body

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Health and fitness, sports, Tips
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How i started

Transform your body

I used to be a chubby guy and, even though I enjoyed to play sports every once in a while, i had no endurance and would end up sitting by the side of the field after 20 minutes. I am not going to tell you a sad story about a fat kid with no friends and an unrequited love, I was very happy but i did realize that the life i was leading wasn’t a healthy one, in fact being over weight had already caused me a problem on my knees forcing me to use footbeds during my childhood, so I decided to change my lifestyle and eating habits and now I am really fit and I i can’t go a single day without working out.

First things first

You have to understand that no gain comes without some effort, you won’t get fit just by reading this, it actually takes a strong mindset as it takes a some strong willpower to make a drastic change in your current lifestyle. But don’t let this scare you when you get used to a healthy diet and exercise things like eating junk food and watching TV all day lose its appeal and you can actually enjoy things like going for a run.

You will have to have a balanced healthy diet and to exercise more than 3 times a week.

About the diet

Even though both are important, a healthy diet is the key to start losing weight. My dad used to be a bodybuilder so he gave me an extremely effective diet with which i lost 13kg in only 3 weeks without doing any exercise. You don’t need to do this particular diet but you do need to start eating healthier, you will have to stop eating fried stuff completely, start eating better quality carbs (such as brown rice), stop eating saturated fats and start easting more vegetables. One thing that helps a LOT is to drink between 3-4l water as the water help to dissolve fat molecules and you stop retaining fluids which will make you look as if you lost some weight already.

About the exercise

To exercise is also a really important part of any weight loss program. One thing you need to know is that there is no such thing as localized fat loss, and the best way to burn fat is by doing cardio. The activity that presented the best results was running but if you happen to suffer from knee problems you can always swim (it is better if you go to swimming lessons since most of the people think they know how to swim but have terrible technique). A way to incorporate cardio with some strenght exercises is by playing a sport. For this purpose sport I recommend the most is gymnastics, i have been doing it for 2 years now and got totally ripped in about 2 months after i started.

Final comments

changing you lifestyle is not an easy thing to do so if you ever go out of your diet don’t be discouraged, it is really common , just try to keep a strong mindset and don’t give up just because of it.

Even though i am not really a fan of suplements i strongly reccomend (for men) to have a protein shake in the morning to help your reach your daily protein intake, it is best to use egg protein.

if you want more information on this subject check more of my articles or email me at igna_torres92@hotmail.com

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