As you may have read in one of my previous posts, I used to be fat and with a special weight loss program that my dad designed for me ( he was a body builder but not the steroid type so he knows what he is talking about)  I lost a lot of weight incredibly fast. I am not saying you will get a six pack in a week but, it is so effective that, if you put your mind into it, you could get a six pack in 2 months!! Maybe you don’t know much about fitness but that is reaaaaly fast.

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Food coloring makes food look pretty, but what effects does it has on the human body?

The coloring has nothing natural about it. Like the word states it’s artificial coloring. The base for the coloring is all chemical. The basic ingredients in a color are dyes and aluminum lakes (pigments).  Artificial food coloring has been linked to a number of health issues, such as cancer, tumors, ADD, ADHD, and allergic reactions.  A LOT of foods that are located in the normal food store, has a lot of different additives in it, such as food coloring.  In U.S.A there are a lot of artificial food colors, and artificial flavors that is used and approved, that is banned in the European Union. Why? There has to be a reason right.  In a study released there was possible links between children, dyes, and behavior. This led to that in the EU there were…

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Wanna have a sexy curvy body like Kim Kardashian? Toned thighs, firm round butt and a tight tummy? Watch this video and get a look into what quick easy workouts she does that you can do also.

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Why join a club?

If you are one of those people that get bored easily when working out and ends up half assing the reps, then maybe you should consider joining a club. Joining a club is great to avoid getting bored as you will have a lot of people to workout with and you will find a wide variety of activities and most of them are paid with the club’s monthly fee so if you don’t like one sport you can always try another. Being in a club is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends with the same interests you have. Before joining a club, be sure that there is, at least, one activity you can do there that you are actually interested in. You may end up doing more than one thing during the week.

People at the Club

Having other group members around you won’t only help you have some more fun in order to avoid boredom but it will also help you get better in any given activity you are training in as there will be more experienced practitioners that can guide you when you are having trouble with the techniques and they can give you very valuable tips to improve those techniques you have already learned. Also, most clubs organize sport events were you can compete and test you skills against people from other clubs which will give you an incentive to train harder as you wouldn’t like to suffer a humilliating defeat against your club’s opponents.

Final comments

If you join a club, be sure that you like the sports and activities you can practice there because even though having friends around practicing with you can help you if you get bored easily , it won’t help at all if you don’t even like the sport.

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Most people don’t stretch they way the should after exercising or, even worst, they don’t even stretch at all. While most people doesn’t even pay attention to it, stretching is really important as it increases flexibility and reduces the risk of injury. Stretching helps the muscles loosen and prepare for the movements that you will be doing during the routine and it will reduce the risk of tearing and injury. Stretching before and after the training rutine helps reduce the stiffness that occurs during exercise, and allows the muscles to expand and relax any over tense parts of the body. While being more flexible you can peform certain movements that are stressful for the muscles and tendonds with more ease.

Good stretching exercise examples

Everyone knows a couple of stretching exercises, at least the ones you learn at gym class at school, but there are stretching exercises that are much more effective than others. The only problem is that the more effective, the more it will hurt. The next exercises are really tough unless you like pain:

-One exercise I learned when I was doing chinese Kempo helped me gain enough flexibility to reach a front split in about three months by doing it 3 times a week. To do it you need 2 people, one lays with his back against the wall while the other raises his leg slowly until it hurts with the heel of the leg that is on the floor always touching the wall. You can do this exercise with the back against the wall or with the side of your body against the wall, as if you were doing a russian split standing up.

-There is another exercise I like that i learned doing gymnastics. For it you will need 3 people. One lays on the floor face up while another holds his leg still on the ground and the other pushes the other leg, trying to get it as near to the chest of the one lying on the floor as possible.

Do it until it hurts

Most people tend to half-ass their stretching exercises. The moment it starts hurting they stop, when what you should be doing is forcing themselves through the pain until you finish the exercise. This may be difficult because no one likes pain but after finishing your stretching routine you will feel much lighter and ready to exercise. A good stretching routine should last at least 20 minutes of continuous stretching and include several different exercises.

Final comments

People don’t pay attention to stretching as they should but it is an extremely important part of any training program, it will help you reduce the risk of muscle injury and it will aid to muscle recovery, besides, after finishing stretching you will feel lighter and better prepared for any movement you will be doing during your workout.

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Running shoes

Everyone runs for different reasons, some like it as a sport, to improve their endurance for other sports or simply to stay fit but no matter why you run or how intense is your training program, you have to choose running shoes that fit your specific kind of feet or otherwise the stress on your joints will be much bigger than it already is and it could lead to a serious injury. That is why you have to figure out what kind of feet you have and with this i mean that you need to know what type of arch you have and what is your pronation. A shoe that fits your feet will correct your run and help you reduce the strees on your joints to avoid injuries.


There are three different types of pronation:

-Neutral pronation: When the foot rolls inwards during the heel to toe transition to the gait it is called neutral pronation.
-Over pronation: this happens when the foot rolls excessively inwards and the arch collapses.
-Under pronation and supination: it occurs when the foot does not roll enough.


To decide what type of running shoes you should get you first need to know what kind of arch you have. There are a lot of ways to determine your arch that you can find online, maybe the easiest is to examine your footprints in the sand or on paper with wet feet.

-Flat feet: If you don’t see any arch it means you have flat feet which is a bad thing because it means you are most likely an overpronator. If you have flat feet you will need running shoes that provide you with more stability. Most running shoes companies have information on each model including recommended arch and pronation.

-High arched feet: If you have high arches you probably supinate. It is important for people with this kind of arches to periodically remeasure their feet because running will make their arches to gradually fall, making their feet longer.

-Neutral feet: if it is not high nor flat it means it is neutral. It is the most common kind of feet and unless you buy shoes for really high or really flat arched feet you won’t have any problems wearing any other kind of running shoes.

Final comments

It is not necessary for you to go to a specialist to determine your pronation and arch but you need to know this information so that you can buy running shoes that fit your specific kind of feet.

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Getting the six pack

The ultimate goal for most people that workout is to get the famous six pack. Nothing makes you look better than lean, cut abs, especially when picking up women. Nowadays there are more and more women that care too much about the body and, even if you don’t want this kind of superficial women for a possible girlfriend, no man can say that he doesn’t like having tons of women looking his way.

To get a sixpack requires a lot of work and if someone says he or she has a training program to get a six pack in less than 3 months( provided you start from scratch) is lying. One thing that will speed things up would be if you were already skinny since a lot of people have great abs, only that these are covered with a layer of fat so they can’t show them off.

Burning belly fat

One subject i covered in this article is that localized fat burning is a myth so there is no way for you to show your six pack unless you have a good, consistent cardio workout to burn all the fat covering your abs. This is , of course, to speed things up. There are ways to get your six pack from gym weight workouts only but it will be harder and it will take you much more time than if you went for a run five times a week and then train with weights.

In my opinion the most effective cardio workout is a good, old-fashioned running session. Running is one of the best cardio workouts you can get, and if you get into it, it can also be one of the most rewarding. There is nothing that feels like breaking your own record. You can’t know how good it feels unless you actually do it. Of course it is not mandatory to run to get a six pack and there are a lot of excellent cardio exercises that you can do, like swimming or skipping a rope.

Weight training can also help a lot. The more muscle you have, the more energy you consume. So if you get bigger muscles you will burn fat much faster.

Final comments

While getting a six pack does sound great, it requires a lot of work and without effort you will never see what is under your belly fat. Even though i said there are no magic six pack abs programs that actually work , there are a lot of training programs that are much more effective for this purpose than a regular definition workout and it will take you maybe an hour to find one that fits your expectations.

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